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WhatsMiner D1 is coming! 44T,50W/T, it can be another extreme



Birth history of WhatsMiner D1

  • Jun.,2018 --Started research and development of clips;
  • Sept.,2018--Chips tape-out;
  • Nov.,2018--Chips tape-out successfully and arrived in Shenzhen;
  • 9th,Nov.,2018--After 28.5 hours, the first WhatsMiner D1 was born.


Birth of WhatsMiner D1 is a miracle of technology and our team.It is also the temporary high point of this industry.

After this news was published on the early morning of 10th ,many friends ask me the price and parameter. Also there are some questions and doubts in the reviews.Is WhatsMiner real or not? Is it truth that hash rate is 48T and power ratio is 46W/T? Why is limited for us to buy?

For all the reviews we will accepted with open heart. Thanks for your support to WhatsMiner.

Pre-sell information


First batch of WhatsMiner D1 were sold out on November

First batch of WhatsMiner D1 were sold out on November

Thanks for all the customers who bought WhatsMiner D1 when the sample mining machine didnt came out.

Thanks for your trust of MicroBT and WhatsMiner. Now,WhatsMiner D1 is officially launched,all of you have the preemption rights.


Futures Reservation Information

Futures on December

Presell price is 750RMB/T,shipped on 12th, Dec.,2018,each person can purchase 10pcs.

Futures on January

Presell price is 750RMB/T,shipped on 20th, Jan.,2019,each person can purchase 10pcs.

Note:The price should be 750*48=36000RMB per one for futures on December.

Risk tip:This product belongs to a special category. The price will adjusted due to the fluctuation of market. After payment, it means you agree with the price and the quantity.Refund and returning goods will not accepted.