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New Generation WhatsMiner M20 Series Released



On 18th September 2018, WhatsMiner M10 series SHA256 Servers were released by MicroBT, one of the best ASIC suppliers from China. M10S, with its 55T Hash rate and 65W/T performance, was the best machine in 2018 with highest hash rate and unrivalled power efficiency. Till date, it’s still the “Hash King”.

Today, 7 months later after M10 launch , MicroBT released its new generation M20 Series SHA256 Server and published live testing video of two modules. From the test videos, M20S shows 68T Hash/s with power efficiency at 48.45W/T, while M21 shows 30.5T Hash/s with power efficiency at 58.75W/T. It is really amazing!!


Record of the Birth of M20 Series


Based on Full Custom Design Methodology, MicroBT team took just 3 Months to accomplish the chip design. The successful validation of M20-series chip adds another new record of one-time tape-out success after M1, M10 and D1, which speaks itself on MicroBT’s ASIC design capacity


Based on reliable supply chain management and strong engineering capability, MicroBT team booked a new historical record: “Less Than 24 Hours from Chip to Working Sample”.


Live Testing Video


  • M20S : 68.4 THash,48.45 W/T


  • M21 : 30.5 THash,58.75 W/T


* Live Testing Video of New Generation “Hash King” M20S 


* Live Testing Video of “Profit King” M21

The above videos show current performance of M20 Series. Though these samples already set up a new high for the industry, we will continuously optimize the performance before mass production. Better performance is sure to come soon!


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