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MicroBT is a technology company which is based on block chain and artificial intelligence. Focusing on integrated circuit chip and products development, production and sales, and provide corresponding system solutions and technical services. We adhere the ideal”ultimate,win-win,integrity”to provide high quality products and service. Now MicroBT has passed the national high-tech enterprise certification.

We have more than 40% R & D staff which is doctor or master comes from Tsinghua University, Peking University. They have more than 15 years of experience in chip design and product development of well-known integrated circuits and communication companies on average. The founding team is the team that first applied the full custom chip design methodology to the block chain computing device under the advanced process node.

As a chip design and produce company, we have completely design process and independent core technology. The core technology include algorithm,fine optimization of integrated circuit micro-structure ,low power technology, advanced chip packaging technology system level power and cooling technology. These core technologies and engineering methods have been successfully validated and applied in the mass production of our block chain server chips and products.

In addition to the current focus on the area of block chains, MicroBT is also responding to the national chip strategy. According to the company's development strategy and plan, MicroBT is planning to explore and extend its core R&D capabilities to other high-performance computing areas such as artificial intelligence through independent R&D and strategic cooperation.




December:WhatsMiner M30 series launched

September:8nm chip KF1930 taped-out

April: WhatsMiner M20 series launched

January:8nm chip KF1920 taped-out


November:WhatsMiner D1 launched

September:WhatsMiner M10 launched

May:16nm clip BT1800 tape-out


April:WhatsMiner M3 launched

February: Chip BT1000 passed the test and taped-out successfully


December:28nm clip BT1000 tape-out

July: MicroBT established




December: 600,000 units of WhatsMiner M20 series were sold which accounts 35% of the whole hashrate network

January: B round of financing completed and sales amount exceeded over 280 million USD


December: Pre-B round of financing completed and sales amount exceeded over 60 million USD

July: A round of financing completed

May: Pre-A round of financing completed

April: The first batch of 1000 products was sold with sales amount nearly 1.5 million USD


September: Angel round financing completed

Core Philosophy


Whatever we decide to do, our aim is to be the best. Ultimate is our pursuit of not only technology, but all directions. In next 5 to 10 years, let the full custom methodology help us to become a backbone of the world's semiconductor industry.


Share with each other and to be successful together. We hope to realize the dream of the development of technical on current society and open a new revolutionary era of all related companies, partner, clients and friends.


Integrity is the fundamental in commerce and is also a rarity. To be consistent and develop with integrity, we will offer the “successful visible “service mode, this modality will help all customer and friends’ success.

Key Advantage

Full custom methodology:

Full custom design is mainly based on the RTL design of the cell library, logic synthesis and layout these three design links using custom design and manual optimization. Through the practice on 180nm, 28nm and 16nm projects, the performance of the fully custom designed chip is better than that of the traditional automatic layout method during 3-6 months.

"Successful visible" service mode

Provide products evaluation,detailed analytical technical details,patented guarantee and demonstrate the inner strength of a successful product from multiple dimensions. Through visible thereby credible, credible thereby feasible, feasible thereby successful service mode to help all customers and friend succeed.



We hereby undertakes to provide all BDPL users with all patents and future patents of Blockchain defensive patent license 1.0 or higher ("License"). Licensor shall refer to the license for procedures for granting and accepting such licenses.

Technical cooperation:Sales@whatsminer.cn.com

Business market:Marketing@microbt.com

Sales cooperation:Sales@whatsminer.cn.com

Address: 801,HSAE Building, Sixth Hi-Tech South Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China